Definitions for "downgrade"
A negative change in ratings for a security; two common examples are an analysts...
The lowering of a bond rating by a rating agency due to a deterioration of the credit quality of the issue.  Compare:  UPGRADE.  See:  RATINGS; CREDITWATCH.
To move down to a lower grade of accommodations or services.
To convert data in an Oracle database into an earlier release. See upgrade and migrate.
To transform an installed version of an Oracle database from a later release back into an earlier release.
an added surcharge tacked onto the credit card transaction
An interchange downgrade occurs when a transaction does not meet all of the criteria set forth by the associations to qualify for the best possible interchange rate. Visa and MasterCard examine each transaction as submitted and qualify or downgrade it based on the set of established criteria.
The discontinuance, by a customer, of a premium program service or any other added service or product from the existing level of CATV service.
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A way do downgrade your firmware stored in the flash. At this moment only from 2.0 to 1.5 (or 1.51 and 1.52).
Some products, such as Windows 2000, are no longer offered for sale. In some cases you can buy the current product, but install the older version while retaining all the rights of the bought licenses. One "exception" is Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server User CALs, because Windows 2000 supported only Device CALs. So there you must buy Device CALs, not User CAL's.
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Either edited out or made less visible in a shoot. Can mean drop in wages.
the property possessed by a slope or surface that descends
A procedure and an administrative decision to reduce the security classification of the subject media.
object model] [ player] To remove a component from a thing. Note that there are some components that cannot be removed without destroying the thing.