Definitions for "DSSP"
DSSP (Dialog System for Structured Programming) is a programming language. It was created by students in the laboratory of Brousentsov N. P. at the Computer Science department of the Moscow State University in 1980.
In protein structure, the DSSP algorithm is the standard method for assigning secondary structure to the amino acids of a protein, given the atomic-resolution coordinates of the protein.
Digital Shape Sampling and Processing. DSSP is a category name that encompasses multiple technology advances. It describes the ability to use scanning hardware and processing software to digitally capture physical objects and automatically create accurate 3D models with associated structural properties for design, engineering, inspection and custom manufacturing. What digital signal processing (DSP) is to audio, DSSP is to 3D geometry.
DSSP stands for digital shape sampling and processing. It is a unique method of digitizing the physical world. DSSP involves scanning a physical object with a 3D-scanner and processing the data with software.