Definitions for "Ducking"
Play in a suit or in trump, made by leading small cards first whereas we holds one or several master cards. Example: I am declarer and I want to hunt the Petit with 21-20-19-15-12-9-7-6-2. I have the choice between drawing top trumps immediately (optimistic since only rewarded when the Petit is not more than third in a hand) or leading the 2 of trump, wishing that the Petit will not escape here (definitely better in probabilities). Another example: I am declarer, there is no more trump in play and I have the following suit to handle: R-D-C-2-1. I still have the choice between cashing from the top (I will make 5 tricks when the suit is distributed 3-3-3 in defense, but the chances of such a distribution is around 10%) or to duck the first round by playing the 1. As I probably have a loser in the suit (9 times out of 10), the ducking play is better to avoid valuable discards which would occur if I cash the top honors and found the suit distributed 4-3-2 (since 2 players will be able to discard on the fourth round). The ducking play concedes the loser while everyone follow the suit; it is thus a safety play which we make to protect ourself against bad break.
hunting ducks
Deliberately withholding a high card which could have won the trick.
Ducking is used to automatically reduce signal levels when the level of a source signal exceeds a specified threshold. It is used for voice-over applications where, for example, level of background music is automatically reduced, allowing an announcer to be heard clearly. See Dynamics Processor.
A dynamic processor that lowers (or "ducks") the level of one audio signal based upon the level of a second audio signal (e.g. for paging)
The use of an electronic device to automatically reduce the volume of music or other background fill when an announcer begins speaking. Dynamic Microphone A microphone that converts sound into electrical pulses by means of a moving electromagnetic coil.
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Any model my hit the dirt. Doing so will give the warrior a -1 to be hit. Rising again will cost the warrior one movement point. If a ducking player is also covered, his/her To Hit rolls will be at -1.
the act of wetting something by submerging it
n. & a., from Duck, v. t. & i.