Definitions for "Early action"
Early Action is for candidates who would like an admission decision in mid-December and a provisional financial aid assessment by early January. Freshman candidates must complete their applications by November 1 and transfer candidates must complete their applications by March 1. Students may apply to other schools if they wish. In other words, Chicago's early action program is non-binding; admitted students need not reply to the offer of admission until May 1 for freshmen and June 1 for transfers. International students may only choose Early Action if they are not applying for financial aid. Click here for more information on early action and deadlines.
Under this plan, highly qualified candidates who apply early may receive offers of admissions by mid-December. Unlike the Early Decision plan, the Early Action Plan does not allow an institution to request an applicant to make a prior commitment to matriculate, indicate college preferences, or make any response to an offer until the traditional May 1st candidate's reply date.
The application option that allows students to resolve their college choice early in the senior year. The Early Action deadline at Linfield is November 15 (postmark). Choosing this option is not a commitment to enrolling at Linfield College.
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