Definitions for "EBT"
Evidential breath testing
(Electronic Book Technology) A company started by Andries Van Dam and others to develop hypertext systems. Later bought by INSO corporation who, it seems, re-used the acronym to be eBusiness Technologies. EBusiness Technologies
Common acronym for "Evidential Breath Tester"
lectronic enefits ransfer - the automation of government benefits through electronic authorization, data capture and settlement processes. Plastic cards with magnetic stripes are used, eliminating paper benefits and coupon distribution. Learn more... (PDF, 384KB)
Electronic Benefits Transfer
Electronic Benefit Transfer.  A  technological advancement that eliminates paper food stamp coupons and TANF warrants. Instead clients use plastic debit cards to pay for food and obtain cash.
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Earnings before taxes
Earnings before tax.
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Is a type of scanner, different from the CT scan.
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Economic income Economic Life