Definitions for "Edge Effect"
A condition in which otherwise suitable habitat becomes less suitable for a species because it is adjacent to dissimilar habitat (developed land, agriculture). This degradation of habitat may occur due to predation or increased competition from species that live outside of the patch.
The effect on the surrounding forests from the edges of a clear cut. Common edge effects include trees blown down, spreading root rots and other diseases, and invasive weeds. Edge effects often travel very far into the surrounding interior forests.
The changes in ecological processes in a community caused by physical and biological factors originating in an adjacent community.
The difference in signal between the exterior and interior wells of a microtiter plate. This is usually due to uneven incubation temperature or incomplete plate sealing at non-ambient temperatures.
Heat transfer at the edge of an insulating glass unit due to the thermal properties of spacers and sealants.
A term used in the semiconductor industry. Square chips are made on silicon wafers that are round. Because of this, there is a certain amount of silicon...
Signal obtained when a surface prove approaches the sample's edge.