Definitions for "Ellie"
Ellie is a 1984 Troma film, directed by Peter Wittman, starring Shelley Winters and Penthouse Pet Sheila Kennedy, loosely adapted from the Electra mythology, with Winters and Kennedy playing the Clytemnestra and Elektra roles, respectively. The cast also features Pat Paulsen and Edward Albert. The story has been transferred to the rural Southern U.S. and has been genre-shifted from Greek Tragedy to Southern-style screwball sex comedy, although the revenge tragedy element remains central to the plot.
Ellie is a fictional woolly mammoth that appears in the 2006 film, Ice Age: The Meltdown. She is voiced by Queen Latifah.
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"Ellie" is the 37th episode of The West Wing.
Ellie is the tenth episode in the second season of the popular American crime drama , which is set in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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