Definitions for "Ending"
Termination; concluding part; result; conclusion; destruction; death.
the last section of a communication; "in conclusion I want to say..."
The optional part of the tune which follows the last chorus, sometimes referred to as a coda; could be a vamp, repetition of the last phrase, a tag, etc.
The final syllable or letter of a word; the part joined to the stem. See 3d Case, 5.
the end of a word (a suffix or inflectional ending or final morpheme); "I don't like words that have -ism as an ending"
a word part, such as s, ed, ,or ing, added to skill will be assessed with a worksheet
Keywords:  unforgiveable, flaw, design
an unforgiveable flaw in the design
Keywords:  i'll, forgive, author, it
a given for me - if it's not there, I'll not forgive the author
Keywords:  autumn, passion, beginning, flame, gold
a beginning The Autumn is here again, when leaves will turn to red and gold like a flame of passion
a new beginning
Keywords:  miguel, san, section, form
A section in the San Miguel Form.
Keywords:  luck, streaks, love, bad, affairs
to help end bad luck streaks and bad love affairs
the act of ending something; "the termination of the agreement"
the point in time at which something ends; "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period"
event whose occurrence ends something; "his death marked the ending of an era"; "when these final episodes are broadcast it will be the finish of the show"
Keywords:  reprise, varied, movement, opening
a varied reprise of the opening movement
Keywords:  bulk, fault, dyeing, colour, main
A dyeing fault when the colour changes from one end of the fabric to the other or when the colour changes from the main bulk of a fabric to the end of the fabric.
Keywords:  song, bars, music, piece, closing
The closing bars of a music piece to end the song.
Keywords:  segment, node, followed, another
a segment that is not followed by another segment or a node
(1) a position of the cards with relatively few remaining in each hand; [in a three-card ending, each player has three cards remaining](2) a position of the cards with some special identifying characteristic, typically occurring towards the end of the play.
Keywords:  necessary, function, part
a necessary part of this function