Definitions for "Engineers"
a consulting engineering firm specializing in civil, environmental and geotechnical engineering
a full service Structural Engineering consulting company specializing in the Finite Element Analysis approach to problem solving
a leading design based structural engineering and parking planning firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona
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Engineers are a British rock band, comprised of Simon Phipps (vocals/guitars), Mark Peters (vocals/guitars), Dan McBean (guitars/keyboard) and Sweeney (drums).
"Engineers" is a Gary Numan song, probably based on the novel The Penultimate Truth by Philip K Dick, which is about people who work in underground shelters as engineers building robots for the ruling classes up above. In his autobiography, Numan says "The engineers keep them running and feel very bitter because they live in darkness, never coming to the surface or being allowed to use the roads themselves."
a professionally managed organization of group of Techno-Commercial persons, engaged in manufacturing of quality process equipment in the field of Turn Key Winery Project
a specialized company in field of adhesive products
a person who is trained in or follows as a profession a branch of engineering
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