Definitions for "Escheat"
The falling back or reversion of lands, by some casualty or accident, to the lord of the fee, in consequence of the extinction of the blood of the tenant, which may happen by his dying without heirs, and formerly might happen by corruption of blood, that is, by reason of a felony or attainder.
The reverting of real property to the State, as original and ultimate proprietor, by reason of a failure of persons legally entitled to hold the same.
Lands which fall to the lord or the State by escheat.
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To forfeit.
A writ, now abolished, to recover escheats from the person in possession.
Appropriation by government of an estate without a Will or next-of-kin.
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In American law, the right of the state to an estate left vacant, to which no one makes a valid claim.
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Escheat Period Ethics
The legal principle by which a state government is entitled to receive funds that have remained in inactive accounts for a stated period of time.
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