Definitions for "Examinations"
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The main secondary school examinations are the General Certificate of Secondary education (GCSE) taken at 16, and the General Certificate of Education (GSE) Advanced (A) Level, usually taken at 17 or 18.
an Awarding Body offering General and Vocational Qualifications including A Levels, GCSEs, GNVQs, NVQs, CLAIT and word processing
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EXAMINATIONS: examinations are formal assessment procedures with an internal and an external examiner and may be held in June and/or November depending on the structure of the course or the modular course.
External assessments set and marked by the VCAA. All VCE studies have at least one examination. Most written examinations are held in November, with a small number in June. Performance examinations and oral components of LOTE examinations are held in October and November.
Midterm: Tests administered by the instructor during term. Final: Examinations at the end of a term or session. Deferred: Final examinations or final assignments postponed to the next special examination period by petitioning the Undergraduate Student Service Centre (usually for reasons of illness). Faculty a) A major teaching division of the University, divided into departments, schools or other units and headed by a dean. (e.g. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). b) The academic teaching staff of the University.