Definitions for "Exchanges"
The term Exchanges refers to the Exchanges and Data Contributors that are available on each system. A list of the currently available exchanges can be found by selecting Exchanges and Data Contributors in the CQG Symbols List.
A grouping of foods by type to help people on special diets stay on the diet. Each group lists food in serving sizes. A person can exchange, trade, or substitute a food serving in one group for another food serving in the same group. The lists put foods in six groups: (1) starch/bread, (2) meat, (3)vegetables, (4) fruit, (5) milk, and (6) fats. Within a food group, each serving has about the same amount of carbohydrate, protein, fat, and calories
food groups used in the American Diabetes Association, American Dietetic Association Exchange Lists for Meal Planning. Foods are divided into three basic groups: Carbohydrates, Meat and Meat Substitutes, and Fats. Each serving of food has about the same amount of carbohydrate, protein, fat, and calories as other foods on that list and can be “exchanged” or traded for any other food on the same list.
Exchanges utilize the Internet to allow qualified and registered users to look for buyers or sellers of goods and services. Depending on the approach, buyers or sellers may specify prices or invite bids. Transactions can be initiated and completed, and ongoing purchases may qualify customers for volume discounts or special offers.
In Internet-speak, a two-sided marketplace where buyers and sellers negotiate prices, usually with a bid-and-ask system. Exchanges are typically centered around specific industries, where all the users can compare and contrast products and services based on common standards.
Two-sided marketplaces where buyers and suppliers negotiate prices, usually with a bid and ask system, and where prices move both up and down. Work best with easily definable products without complicated attributes--commodities, perishable items such as food, or intangibles such as electric power. Produce fluctuating, sometimes volatile prices. Particularly appropriate if a true market price is difficult to discover. Also work where brokers make high margins by buying low and selling high to purchasers who don't know the original sellers. Examples: Altra (energy), Paper Exchange (paper products), (frozen fish), Arbinet (telecommunications bandwidth). Synonyms: digital exchange, online exchange, dynamic exchange, dynamic trading exchange.
Copies of newspapers received by a paper when it exchanges subscriptions with other papers. Some large newspapers have an exchange editor to scan these papers.
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Under IRC §1035, certain insurance and annuity policies may be exchanged for new policies with no gain or loss recognized on the exchange. Tax rules must be followed to achieve the desired result.
Trades of crude or products between producers or refiners usually carried out for quality reasons or to save transportation costs.
Financial markets where securities, currencies, interest rate instruments, futures, options or other derivatives can be traded. See currency market.
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Online locations where companies gather to buy and sell goods and services from one another, often via auctions.
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Nodes for managing the data from various cells
Transfer of money, property or services in exchange for any combination of these items.