Definitions for "Extrude"
To thrust out; to force, press, or push out; to expel; to drive off or away.
To shape or form by forcing metal heated to a semi-plastic condition through dies by the use of hydraulic power; as, extruded metal, extruded rods, extruded shapes.
Forming metal shapes by forcing through a die.
An extremely versatile tool that allows you to take a two-dimensional polygon and "extrude" it into the third dimension. At its simplest, you can easily make columns, pipes, and turn rectangles into boxes. Careful application of its higher functions and your imagination will let you create some wild 3D objects indeed
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Icon in Master Modeler that allows you to create a 3D feature from 2D section.
Keywords:  command, appearance, objects
The command used to give 2-D objects a 3-D appearance.