Definitions for "Face plate"
n. the finished, removable plate which covers the front of some locks
A flat, round plate having a series of slots and mounted on the lathe spindle. Regular or irregular shaped parts are clamped to its surface for machining. This video shows a casting attached to a faceplate for a boring operation.
a front housing or casing on some models of phones that can be detached and replaced with coloured designs.
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The fa├žade in front of the head unit. This will contain the buttons, LCD display and other external features needed to control and view the head unit's settings.
The flat piece of metal or plastic on the front of a coin operated device (such as a vending machine or video game) that has a coin slot cut in it and covers the coin mech.
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Another word(s) for nameplate or decal.
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Fixed dialing FOMA