Definitions for "faces"
Usually stylised portraits of husband and wife on a family lair. In the case of stone 68, the portrait is of the husband only although twin skulls and twin hourglasses are shown.
Faces was a 1968 movie, directed by John Cassavetes and starring John Marley, Cassavetes' wife Gena Rowlands, Seymour Cassel and Lynn Carlin, who received one of the two Oscar nominations that the film garnered for her supporting role as "Maria."
Faces is the 14th episode of Star Trek: Voyager.
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"Faces" is a single released by Dutch dance act 2 Unlimited. The single was the third to be released from their second album No Limits and reached number 8 on the UK charts. Reviews at the time in the UK pointed out that this particular single was most representative of what you may find on the album.
Faces is a double-LP by R&B artists Earth, Wind & Fire, which was released in 1980.
Faces is an album released by Chris Caffery of Savatage in 2005. It was his first solo album.
are polygons resulting from polygonization. Each face is a slice of a volume and may consist of a number of polygons.
The sides of a polygon. Each polygon has two faces: a front face and a back face. Only one face or the other is ever visible in the window. Whether the back or front face is visible is effectively determined after the polygon is projected onto the window. After this projection, if the polygon's edges are directed clockwise, one of the faces is visible; if directed counterclockwise, the other face is visible. Whether clockwise corresponds to front or back (and counterclockwise corresponds to back or front) is determined by the OpenGL programmer.
The four sides of Yankee Barn posts or beams are called faces. In selecting beams, consideration is given to which faces will be fully visible from inside the house and which are concealed.
Or 'smiles' or even 'emoticons'. Are very helpful, because they 'show' your real mood. Smiles are usually used to let others understand the real sense of your affirmation. For example, if you are joking, you could use a smile like this: ':-)))'. Or you could say: 'My mouse is broken :-( ' . If you can't see any 'smiling' or 'sad' little faces here, bend your head with an inclination of 90 degrees on your left...;-).
characters that express the mood of the speaker : and the same but with "|" or "(" instead of ")".
a prevalent attitude that after nearly a century of presence in San Lorenzo, the land is available to whoever can move in first with a chainsaw
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The Faces were a rock 'n' roll band formed in 1969 from the remaining members of The Small Faces after Steve Marriott left to form Humble Pie.
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Faces - a Gtk+ program for monitoring a list visually. It supports IMAP and POP mailboxes. There is a huge collection of picons that can be used in conjunction with the faces program.
The Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford, aka FACES, is a student-run organization based at Stanford University dedicated to fostering Sino-American exchange. The group aims to create dialogue between Chinese and American students, thereby constructing a positive foundation for relations between the two countries.
As applied to matchcovers, it means any single design or advertising message on the front side of the matchcover. Each manufacturer's run uses a single face. (See Run). A set of 20 matchcovers from the same advertiser will have 20 faces, while a case of 2,500 match books for the same restaurant will have one face.
Out of Home advertising, refers to the actual number of products available to post advertisements.
The bookmakers slang for a punter with inside information about horses.
faces is a powerful and flexible project management tool. It not only offers many extraordinary features like multiple resource balancing algorithms and multi scenario planing, but can also be easily extended and customized.
a bundle of rods containing a projecting ax blade
an updated version of the classic book/toy that contains pages split in thirds and has pictures of different adult professions children could some day have
The "picture cards" in a deck (King, Queen, Jack).
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Flat surfaces that make up the external shape of a crystal.
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The side surfaces of the bearing.