Definitions for "Factum"
a statement of the facts of a case or controversy
A statement of the facts and law to be referred to which is filed by each party in a legal application, appeal or motion. In British legal practice, a factum is only an outline of the arguments to be raised on appeal, together with citations to a few leading cases on each point. American legal practice relies much more heavily on written argument and the appellate brief may contain the entire argument as counsel may not be given enough time to present an oral argument. Canadian legal practice is often a mixture of the two systems with counsel presenting both a comprehensive oral presentation and written factum.
A statement of facts and legal argument presented to a court.
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The product. See Facient, 2.
The due execution of a will, including everything necessary to its validity.
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A man's own act and deed
(Latin) an act or deed
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Anything stated and made certain.