Definitions for "Fantastico"
"One of the key features to Fantastico is how easy it makes installing programs and scripts. Simply by selecting a program or script to install and offering a small amount of information for each, a user can have a program or script installed within a matter of minutes and sense the system is designed to update these programs with the newest version on a regular basis, users can be assured they are getting the latest stable version of the software and that itâ€(tm)s installed correctly and properly." Read More a
A cPanel add on that offers auto-installs of popular free features such as chat boards, shopping carts, classified ads, and more.
An integrated application that allows web hosting clients to automatically install popular scripts.
Fantastico (Фантастико) is a Bulgarian supermarket chain founded in 1991. Fantastico is part of the retail sector and primarily sells foodstuffs.
A fantastic.