Definitions for "Farewell"
Go well; good-by; adieu; -- originally applied to a person departing, but by custom now applied both to those who depart and those who remain. It is often separated by the pronoun; as, fare you well; and is sometimes used as an expression of separation only; as, farewell the year; farewell, ye sweet groves; that is, I bid you farewell.
A wish of happiness or welfare at parting; the parting compliment; a good-by; adieu.
To bid farewell to someone you know signifies a coming break in a close relationship. To bid farewell to a stranger predicts a new friend.
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Farewell is a 1970 live album by Diana Ross & the Supremes. The album was recorded over the course of the group's final engagement together at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, including the final night on January 14 1970. The show marked Diana Ross' final performance with Supremes Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong.
Farewell is Tomiko Van's first original studio album under the avex trax label. The album was released on March 29, 2006 with no singles released before it.
"Farewell" is the name of a song written by Martin Quittenton and Rod Stewart. Stewart released it on his 1974 album Smiler. When released as a single in the United Kingdom, the song became a top 10 hit as part of a double A-side with his medley "Bring It on Home to Me/You Send Me."
Parting; valedictory; final; as, a farewell discourse; his farewell bow.
Farewell: Oingo Boingo Live From The Universal Amphitheater was Oingo Boingo's final live concert performance in 1995 (the video and audio version of the performance came out in 1996).
Act of departure; leave-taking; a last look at, or reference to something.
the act of departing politely; "he disliked long farewells"; "he took his leave"; "parting is such sweet sorrow"
an acknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting