Definitions for "faux"
Keywords:  fake, imitate, false, fur, genuine
Faux(meaning false) are the techniques used to change surfaces into appearing to be of a different material.
foe] lit., false or fake. Term applied to non-precious jewelry set with imitation gemstones.
A French word that means false. This term is used as a "chic" way to describe something that is not genuine such as; synthetic fur, fake gold, or simulated alligator hide.
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decaffeinated coffee.
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See Fauces.
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PVC material that resists warping and fading, ideal for high moisture areas.Faux is primarily used to describe a type of wood used in our Wood Collection.
The technique of applying Paint to change the appearance of a surface from what it was to a different surface
reproducing or re-interpreting a finish on any surface