Definitions for "Fifteenth"
A stop in an organ tuned two octaves above the diaposon.
An interval consisting of two octaves.
In music, an fifteenth (sometimes abbreviated 15ma) is the interval between one musical note and another with one-quarter or quadruple the frequency. It corresponds to two octaves. It is the fourth harmonic.
Next in order after the fourteenth; -- the ordinal of fifteen.
coming next after the fourteenth and just before the sixteenth in position
Consisting of one of fifteen equal parts or divisions of a thing.
One of fifteen equal parts or divisions; the quotient of a unit divided by fifteen.
position 15 in a countable series of things
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A species of tax upon personal property formerly laid on towns, boroughs, etc., in England, being one fifteenth part of what the personal property in each town, etc., had been valued at.