Definitions for "FIM"
Facing Identification Mark. Special mark on business reply and courtesy reply mail which enables automated mail processing equipment to identify it and separate it from other mail. (USPS)
Facing identification mark. a series of five or six vertical bars used by automated postal equipment to identify, orient, and separate reply mail and mail produced by PC postage systems and some postage meters.
Any one of four patterns of vertical lines on the address side of a reply card used to classify and sort types of mail.
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Siglas de Fondo de Inversión Mobiliaria.
Frente Independiente Moralizador
Fédération Internationale Motorcyclistes, the governing body of the international motorcycle sport.
facilities information management
Facility Improvement Measure. This term is widely used to represent any energy efficiency project that will reduce expenditures associated with running the facility. This often means reducing energy usage, but could mean reducing cost of toilet paper or garbage service. Similar acronyms include ECM (energy conservation measure), ECO (energy conservation opportunity).
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The ISO currency code for the Finnish Markka.
Foundation for Integrated Medicine
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is an abbreviation for Functional Independence Measure. Functional Independence Measure refers to a scale that is used to measure one's ability to function with independence.
Fund that makes long-term investments in both fixed income assets and equity securities.
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Family Income Management