Definitions for "Flattening"
The process of copying all of the original data referred to by reference in QuickTime tracks into a QuickTime movie file. This can also be called resolving references. Flattening is used to bring in all of the data that may be referred to from multiple files after QuickTime editing is complete. It makes a QuickTime movie stand-alone"that is, it can be played on any system without requiring any additional QuickTime movie files or tracks, even if the original file referenced hundreds of files. The flattening operation is essential if QuickTime movies are to be used with CD/ROM discs.
A final pass applied to a Quicktime movie that ensures that the movie data us laid out in a linear fashion and all external references are removed so that a file can be played on a Windows machine. It also ensures that the sound is interleaves properly with the video.
A final pass applied to a compressed movie, which ensures that the movie data is laid out in a completely linear fashion. It also makes sure the audio is interleaved properly with the video.
A preliminary operation performed on a slug cut from wrought material to position the metal for final forging, or performed on the finished forging to remove the effects of warping.
The distortion of the cross section of pipe or tube from its normal (round) shape.
A preliminary operation performed on forging stock to position the metal for a subsequent forging operation. (2) The removal of irregularities or distortion in sheets or plates by a method such as roller leveling or stretcher leveling.
a parameter that specifies the degree by which a planet's figure differs from that of a sphere; the ratio f = (a-b)/a, where a is the equatorial radius and b is the polar radius.
The ellipticity of a rapidly rotating planet, expressed in terms of the reduction in distance between the poles, compared to the distance through the equator. Thus, if a planet's diameter is 3% less through the poles, than through the equator, it could be said to have a flattening of 3%. Numerically, identical to the oblateness, and only differing from the flattening in terms of the viewpoint. In the case of flattening, the planet is thought of as being squashed through the poles. In the case of oblateness, it is thought of as bulging out at the equator.
Carpets with pile flatten due to heavy traffic. Cleaning and vacuuming can restore the height of the pile.
(carpet) this is expected on any type of carpet in high traffic areas such as doorways around furniture under desks etc. It is just the pile flattening or the pile being repositioned. It is more noticeable in plain cut pile carpets as there is a noticeable difference between the top and side of the yarn tuft. To ease this problem vacuuming or wet or dry cleaning will temporary revive the pile but the cause will mean that it will occur again.
removal of superstructure and crushing hull with demolition into the port bottom.
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For an ellipsoid with major and minor axis lengths (a,b), the flattening is defined by:, f = (a - b)/a For the earth, the value of f is approximately 1/298.3
The ratio of the length of half the short axis of the ellipse to half the long axis of the ellipse, subtracted from 1. The earth’s flattening is about 1/300.
leveling operation of steel strip through a unit housing a series of small diameter rolls
The mill operation performed on rolled flat products to reduce departure from flatness, such as curl and dish. See Straightening and Flattening.
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A means of making bowed grating flat.
The process of returning a deflected panel to its original flat plane. May require heat and pressure sufficient to change but not break or damage the glass.