Definitions for "Flogging"
This is a decorative painting technique used to render wood grain and pores by 'slapping' the surface with a long-bristled brush.
A technique used to create the appearance of pores in wood by “drumming” or “slapping” the surface with a long bristled brush. Usually used in the 1st stage of imitating certain types of wood.
a whole thing in and of itself, it is not just X many of this stroke followed by this many minutes of that stroke using flogger A to stimulate body part C
The grazing of a paddock to a very low residual. This is frequently done in the winter to stimulate clover growth the following spring.
Keywords:  cod, packing, premises, dried, merchant
To work on a merchant's premises handling, packing, and moving dried cod as a daily occupation.
Keywords:  punishment, beating, whip, strap, rope
beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment
Keywords:  bottom, intense, experience, top
a very intense experience for both the bottom and the top
from Flog, v. t.