Definitions for "Focus Groups"
Focus groups are formal, structured events where you directly interact with users, asking them to voice their opinions and experiences regarding a website.
In a focus group, respondents (normally between 8-10 people) are gathered together in order to gauge their responses to specific stimuli. Groups are guided by a research moderator who often uses a topic guide to control the discussion to ensure it meets the initial research objectives. The data generated is probably most applicable to exploratory work. The technique falls under the broad category of qualitative research.
A meeting of a specific contingent of a population with researchers with the objective of gaining insight from a given perspective. For example, the IDPH research focus groups consisted of a population sample (i.e., doctors) and several researchers. Researchers ask specific questions intended to foster discussion among participants. Focus group meetings are recorded and later, ideas that were uncovered are used as a starting point for further investigation.
This is a structured process where specifically selected individuals are brought together to provide reactions to a specific topic, policy, project or issue. (Level 2 activity )