Definitions for "Foolishness"
The state of being wry, contrary, canny and capable of looking after your own investments. Fools believe in shares as the long-term path to wealth creation and believe in buying and holding good companies for the long haul based on their fundamental financial and business strengths. Also see Wisdom.
Foolishness is anything that can be considered horseplay, goofing off, blasphemous, inappropriate, or (rather obviously) foolish. It can also refer to unnecessary, pointless, or non-beneficial actions of a group of people, as in, "Once the city government is done with all that foolishness down by the new post office, they can get back to business." One person's foolishness is often another person's wisdom.
Keywords:  rashly, stupidly, trait, acting
the trait of acting stupidly or rashly
Keywords:  absurdity, practice
A foolish practice; an absurdity.
Keywords:  stupid, mistake
a stupid mistake
Keywords:  quality
The quality of being foolish.