Definitions for "Fossa"
A pit, groove, cavity, or depression, of greater or less depth; as, the temporal fossa on the side of the skull; the nasal fossæ containing the nostrils in most birds.
a shallow depression or a furrow
L. = a trench or ditch; axillary fossa = armpit; fossa ovalis = opening in thigh through which saphenous vein passes; fossa ovalis cordis = remnant of embryonic foramen ovale in heart; navicular fossa, q.v.
monotypic genus of Madagascar civets closely related to palm civets
largest carnivore of Madagascar; intermediate in some respects between cats and civets
The fossa is a meat-eating mammal from the island of Madagascar.
valley found on the sutrpface of posterior teeth
Valley found on the surface of posterior teeth
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Palsy Vitro
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Glenoid  See Glenoid Fossa.
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Nerve Temporal Therapeutics
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reef attached directly to land.
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Joint socket