Definitions for "Frontline"
Frontline was an Australian comedy television series which satirised Australian television current affairs programs and reporting. It ran for three series of 13 half-hour episodes and was broadcast on ABC TV in 1994, 1995 and 1997.
Season One The 13 episodes of Series 1 first aired in 1994. In series 1 Frontline is a struggling current affairs show competing with dominant players for audience share.
The Frontline Series consists of several main seasons, this guide is to organize the episodes of 'Season 2' which was originally aired in 1995.
A business partnership programme, aimed at linking the New Zealand Customs Service and business in partnerships in trade, community development, and enforcement.
Frontline is a New Zealand hip hop music group formed in 2001.
Frontline is the 3rd separate single to be released from Captain's debut album This Is Hazelville. It will feature three new b-sides, 'Clear Cut', 'These Words' and 'Evolutions'.
a line of confrontation in an armed conflict , most often a war
Frontline is a line of products for the treatment and prevention of fleas and control of ticks on pets - mostly dogs and cats. It is manufactured by Merial - a large animal health company.
A distributor that has been enrolled at ...more A distributor that has been enrolled at the first level of the enrolling distributorâ€(tm)s line.
All Distributors that are placed directly on your first level of any of your businesses are on your frontline.
Met Office units away from HQ, in the UK and overseas, are known as frontline units, recognising their importance in delivering services to customers.