Definitions for "Fuji"
( fu gee) is a modern, mostly acoustic style from Nigeria. It is related to Apala and Juju music. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister is Fuji's prime exponent. When his music was criticized as 'garbage' He put out the albums 'Fuji Garbage' and 'More Fuji Garbage'.
Nigerian Yoruba voice and percussion style using original African percussion instruments popularized by Kollington, Barrister, and Adewale Ayuba. A percussion conversation.
Yoruba voice and percussion popular in Nigeria.
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an extinct volcano in south central Honshu that is the highest peak in Japan; last erupted in 1707; famous for its symmetrical snow-capped peak; a sacred mountain and site for pilgrimages
The Fuji apple ( ふじ Fuji、ふじりんご Fuji ringo) is an apple cultivar developed by growers at the Tohoku Research Station in Morioka, Japan in the late 1930's and brought to market in 1962. It is a cross between the two American apple varieties, the Red Delicious and old Virginia Ralls Genet (sometimes cited as "Rawls Jennet") apples.
Fuji (ふじ) is capsule type manned spacecraft concept, proposed by Japan's National Space Development Agency (NASDA) Advanced mission Research center when December 2001. But, the Fuji concept was not adopted.
Toshiro Misawa, also known as Fuji, is a comic book superhero in the Stormwatch series, first appearing in Stormwatch #01. He has immense size and strength as well as the ability to control the density of his body granted by his containment suit. However, he is unable to control his molecular structure without it and he would revert into a radioactive cloud of plasma, possibly dying in the process without some other form of containment.
A lightweight, plain weave fabric originally of silk but now usually of polyester bicomponent yarn which gives the appearance of a subtle texture on the surface . Used in blouses, dresses.
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shrubby Japanese tree having pale pink blossoms
A business whose premises were effected by the Buncefield incident.
A brand name dental cement often used for permanently cementing crowns and bridges.
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Highly metallic sheen normally only seen on young fish of good quality.