Definitions for "Funiculus"
Keywords:  funiculi, ovule, stalk, carpel, cord
A cord, baud, or bundle of fibers; esp., one of the small bundles of fibers, of which large nerves are made up; applied also to different bands of white matter in the brain and spinal cord.
A short cord which connects the embryo of some myriapods with the amnion.
The stalk of an ovule or seed.
In gymnolaemates, mesenchymatous strands connecting the polypide with the zooidal wall (actually with the communication pores) (Hayward & Ryland, 1979). In phylactolaemates, tubular strand of tissue incorporating small muscle fibers spanning metacoel from caecum to peritoneum of colony wall (Wood in Boardman & Cheetham, 1983).
Keywords:  peridoles, hyphal, spore, nest, fungi
The coiled hyphal fibre attached to spore packets (peridoles) in the Bird's Nest fungi.
Keywords:  flagellum, pedicel, lus, cue, antenna
(= Flagellum) (Fu- ni-cue-lus): the part of the antenna beyond the second segment ( pedicel) consisting of 3-11 smaller segments.
In Bryozoa, an organ extending back from the stomach. See Bryozoa, and Phylactolema.