Definitions for "gamble"
Keywords:  risky, venture, choice, decision, act
a risky act or venture
a decision to make a risky choice
Keywords:  unsure, outcome, unsafe, monetary, risk
To engage in any activity in which money is put at risk for the purpose of making...
An act of gambling; a transaction or proceeding involving gambling; hence, anything involving similar risk or uncertainty.
money that is risked for possible monetary gain
Keywords:  joker, whistle, obstacles, dog, handler
A specific sequence of obstacles that the dog must perform at a distance from the handler after the whistle blows in a Gamblers class. Also called a joker.
Keywords:  squander, lose, game, stake, versa
To play or game for money or other stake.
To lose or squander by gaming; -- usually with away.
play games for money
Keywords:  sprinter, sire, bridge, gold, great
a good cross of the great sprinter and sire Gold Bridge
Keywords:  wager, bet, lay, indicate, another
To make wagers.
Another term to indicate a bet.
See bet. Also wager and lay.
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Death Note TV series aired on January 23 2007 in Japan.