Definitions for "GAUGING"
A method of determining the weight of material loaded into barges, ships, and other vessels that travel in the water. Basically figured by determining the number of feet the vessel sinks into the water before and after material has been loaded. The density of the material times the displacement will approximate the weight of the material.
A cementitious material, such as gypsum plaster, Keenes cement or portland cement, added to lime putty to provide and control set; also the act of adding gauging material.
1. Another cementitious material (usually calcined gypsum, Keenes cement, or portland cement) added to lime putty to provide and control set. 2. The act of adding gauging material.
Making measurements. The act of judging distances, heights, etc., either by eye or by instruments. Ascertaining the volume of discharge of a stream.
The measurement of a boat's freeboard in order to calculate the tonnage carried. The scale was established by placing known weights into a boat and recording the measurements appropriate to each weight.
Method of ascertaining the weight of a cargo by measuring the boats depth in the water by means of the boats freeboard.
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See Grading. (s├ęparation)
In machine vision, non-contact dimensional examination of an object.
The non-contact dimensional examination of an object.
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A method of measuring bulk quantities of liquids.
the accurate gauge of quantities, and the proper mixing of different materials by means of a gauging rod or measure.
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Cutting masonry to a certain size.
gradually stretching a piercing to wear larger gauged jewelry.