Definitions for "Glands"
Secreting tissue
Bodily organs that produce hormones.
Secreting organs. Leaf teeth and stipules often end in minute glands.
Generally raised structures at the tips of hairs, or on a leaf, petiole, or twig.
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Tiny structures found on the surface of some fern fronds. They often appear as very short hairs with an enlarged distal (free) end. Glands are very fragile and may be worn away on older fronds. Observation of glands often requires the use of a hand lens.
The prescapular gland is in the shoulder and the popliteal gland is in the leg. They do not cause a strong flavor or odor and do not need to be removed.
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where the milk is stored on the female.
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an organ or group of organs that makes certain fluids.
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See Gland.