Definitions for "Glimpse "
Keywords:  hurried, catch, slyly, limousine, quick
A short, hurried view; a transitory or fragmentary perception; a quick sight.
to appear by glimpses; to catch glimpses.
To catch a glimpse of; to see by glimpses; to have a short or hurried view of.
Keywords:  glimmer, gtsw, faintly, shine
to shine faintly, to glimmer [GTSW
Keywords:  inkling, faint, idea
A faint idea; an inkling.
a vague indication; "he caught only a glimpse of the professor's meaning"
Glimpse is a very powerful indexing and querying system that allows you to search through all your files very quickly. It can be used by individuals for their personal file systems as well as by organizations for large data collections. Glimpse is the default search engine in Harvest.
GLobal IMPlicit SEarch. A search engine for indexing and querying a depository of documents.
Secretly noting a card while holding or shuffling the pack.
Keywords:  transient, luster, flash, sudden
A sudden flash; transient luster.