Definitions for "GOOD LIFE"
Keywords:  happy, phronsis, donq, nther, teachable
exists when an individual has achieved a sustainable belief that their life has meaning, i.e., sustainable “happiness.
a balanced life
a collection of happy memories
a compact masterpiece of realism, complete with a sense of boredom, restlessness, and the exhausting perils of simply making a living that is missing from so much modern fiction
a must read to complete your Watergate experience
a favorite episode along with "In Praise of Pip," as well as the one where the youngster is in possession of a telephone which enables him to speak with his deceased grandmother
Keywords:  joyous, biography, anybody, enjoy
a joyous biography which anybody will enjoy
Keywords:  argument, main
a main argument
a maine Argument
a compilation of writings by Charles Woodson, a humanitarian and minister
Keywords:  noteworthy, example
a noteworthy example
Keywords:  mumbai, tough, bargain, teach, better
a tough bargain, and no place other than Mumbai to teach you this better
Keywords:  victories, series, small
a series of small victories
Keywords:  editor, work
a work of a good editor
a collection of beautiful moments
Keywords:  mixture
a mixture of both
Keywords:  art, work
a work of art