Definitions for "Governing Body"
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The body of {anointed} Christian men that serves as the mouthpiece of the {faithful and discreet slave}, providing direction in matters of Bible teaching, organization, and all matters of concern to modern Christians. The term is not found in the Bible, but the function is. An examination of the Bible account indicates that the fledgling Christian organization had a body of men who had authority to make decisions affecting Christians everywhere. (Act 15) At that time those decisions were being made by the apostles and other older men in the congregation in Jerusalem. Today[92] that body consists of ten spirit-anointed men who reside at Brooklyn {Bethel}. [92] March 1996 NOTE: The {GB} is not ``head'' over the faithful and discreet slave any more than a literal mouth is the whole head of a body. [w93 12/15 22, par. 22] The diagram in the style of a business organization chart that follows is an imitation of the one in [w77 16]. Notice that the Governing Body box is a cutout section at the bottom of the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class box, not a separate box above it.
Runs the College - its `council', composed of fellows of the College. This is to be distinguished from the SCR, although in common parlance, they are usually cheerfully confused. The MCR & JCR Presidents have a seat, but no vote, on Governing Body.
Pretty much what it sounds like. Composed of the Warden, the Sub-Warden, the Bursar, the College Fellows and JCR reps. They meet twice a term to determine the course of your life at St Antony's.
Elected parents, teachers, LEA representatives and co-opted people (e.g. from the business community) who oversee the conduct, curriculum and performance of the school.
The persons or organisations defined in the enabling legislation of the museum as responsible for its continuance, strategic development and funding.
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a term used to describe a group formed to manage an organisation, such as a sports league
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a public entity by definition
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a corporate form of management