Definitions for "GPG"
Keywords:  openpgp, gnuprivacy, guard, pgp, ctc
Free and open source software for digital signs and encrypted messages.
GNU Privacy Guard: GNU replacement for PGP. At the beginning of 1998, they were producing an entirely incompatible program, that would not interoperate with any main stream PGP implementation. They now (January 1999) claim to nearly comply with the OpenPGP standard. I understand that is is providing PGP5 interoperability on the new algorithms only. Hence this is not interoperable with PGP2.x variants. It is however interoperable with CTC. See their web-site for more details.
GNUPrivacy Guard; An OpenPGP compliant application which enables you to encrypt data on your website.
Good Practice Guides (a series of guides published by BRECSU)
Grant Proposal Guide.