Definitions for "Granuloma"
Any small nodular group of inflammatory cells, the formation of which represents a chronic inflammatory reaction to various infectious and noninfectious agents; a noncaseating granuloma is a granuloma that does not have a cheesy consistency like the granulomas in tuberculosis.
A mass of red, irritated tissue in the body and due to inflammation or infection.
Aggregation and proliferation of macrophages to form small (usually microscopic) nodules.
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Granular growth or tumour, usually of lymphoid and epithelial cells.
calcium growth
Located on the arytenoid cartilages, this grainy growth may result from respiratory tubes (as used for surgical or other patients who require respiratory support).
an organized swirl of cells that is seen microscopically by pathologists in biopsy material
a hard bump caused by the body's cells walling off foreign material.
a non-specific inflamatory reaction appearing as a
a proliferation of blood vessels in one spot