Definitions for "Grapes"
The fruit of a vine Vitis vinifera, V. labrusca or V. rotundifolia and hybrids, grown worldwide where the winters are cool and summers long and hot. The berries normally grow in clusters and range from green to dark purple and from 5 to 30 mm in diameter. The flesh varies from sour to sweet and succulent and is usually relatively firm but juicy and may contain up to 3 inedible seeds. Used for wine making, as a dessert fruit for decoration and garnishing and when dried for use as dried vine fruits (raisins, currants and sultanas).
Angoor Fruit
smooth-skinned, juicy berries (with or without seeds) that grow in clusters; members of the genus Vitis, they are used for wine-making, raisins and eating out of hand.
where it all starts. The EU definition of wine is "the fermented juice of freshly gathered grapes". There is a huge range of different varieties, most of them local to a relatively small area and a small number which are grown throughout the world. The main ones of these are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah (Shiraz) and Pinot Noir for red wine and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Semillon for white.
Potassium, antioxidants (black grapes), light, appetising food (white)
Rich in antioxidant and anticancer compounds, helps protect against strokes. Drink a glass of red grape juice daily.
Powerful free radical scavenger/anti-oxidant rich in sugars, minerals, and flavonoids. May promote cellular health rejuvenation.
(1-1/2 cups) Calories Total Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Total Carbohydrates (g) Sugar (g) Vitamin A (%DV) Calcium (%DV) Calories From Fat Saturated Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Dietary Fiber (g) Protein (g) Vitamin C (%DV) Iron (%DV) 90 24 23 10 25
Seen in cards such as the Nine of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles, grapes symbolize abundance, prosperity, and celebration of the good life.
Store in original packaging 1 to 2 weeks
Store in a perforated bag or in a bowl. Extend storage time by placing in a sealed bag and keep in the salad crisper drawer of the refrigerator. 1 to 2 weeks
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Grapes indicate happy times in good company and that your romantic wishes will come true.
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represent Christ