Definitions for "Greenway"
A linear open space established along a corridor, such as a river, railroad, ridgeline, or other route for conservation, recreation, and transportation
A linear landscape that is identified for management purposes to integrate environmental regeneration, recreation, and cultural opportunities into the urban and rural fabric.
a linear park, alternative transportation route, or open space conservation area approved by the metro greenways commission that provides passive recreational opportunities, pedestrian and/or bicycle paths, and/or the conservation of open spaces or natural areas, as indicated in a greenway plan adopted by the commission.
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The Greenway is a road in J. R. R. Tolkien's fiction of Middle-earth, a section of the North-South Road which connects Arnor and Gondor.
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a type of cycleway
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a belt of parks or rural land surrounding a town or city
a town in Nelson County in the U
a coaches dream from a work ethic and toughness standpoint
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a logical way to do this
The term greenway was coined by taking the "green" from green belt and adding it to the "way" from parkway. While this would imply that greenways have something in common with both its semantic parents, books and articles on greenways have changed and developed its meaning.
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a multi-use path that is physically separated from on-street vehicular traffic