Definitions for "GROMMETS"
Large metal eyelets.
Metal, plastic or stitched holes creating fabric reinforcement at stress points.
The brass rings or eyelets (normally in the heading) for mounting outdoor flags.
Tubes inserted to aerate the middle ear to prevent glue ear recurring. The grommets cannot be felt by the patient and are usually pushed out by the eardrum after 6 to 12 months, leaving the eardrum intact.
Grommets are tiny ventilation tubes which may be surgically inserted into the ear drum to relieve chronic ear infections, in an operation known as tympanotomy or tympanostomy.
In order to ensure the durability of the shopping bag and give it a more finished look, designers often choose to use grommets to attach the handles to the bag. We offer a variety of colored grommets to complement your design.