Definitions for "Grotesque"
Like the figures found in ancient grottoes; grottolike.
Wildly or strangely formed; whimsical; extravagant; of irregular forms and proportions; fantastic; ludicrous; antic.
A whimsical figure, or scene, such as is found in old crypts and grottoes.
Grotesque (After the Gramme) is a 1980 album by The Fall. It was critically received as a marked improvement over its predecessors both sonically and musically, and is cited as the band's first great album. The music is a departure from that of the previous albums, 1979's Live at the Witch Trials and Dragnet, introducing more drones and Velvet Underground-inspired riffing.
Grotesque was a Swedish death metal band formed in Gothenburg in September 1988 from the remains of Conquest by WÃ¥hlin (Necrolord). The band was however shortlived and recorded a few demos and a EP. After the demise of the band Lindberg and Svensson started At the Gates, while Necrolord created his own band Liers in Wait and focused more on creating artwork for several bands including Dissection and Emperor.
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In chess, a grotesque is a problem or endgame study which features a particularly unlikely initial position, especially one in which White fights with a very small force against a much larger black army. Grotesques are generally intended to be humorous.
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See also sans-serif.
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A carving on the outside of a building made to coax water off of the building.