Definitions for "Grounding"
Keywords:  aground, shoal, moored, reef, shore
a ship's striking a shoal or reef The Hawaiian grouper, Epinephelus quernus, is endemic to Hawaii. It attains at least 3 feet and 50 pounds (Photo: Keoki and Yuko Stender)
Embarrassing situation in which a sailor returns to shore without leaving his boat.
contact by the ship with the bottom while the ship is moored or anchored as a result of the water level dropping.
Connection in an electrical system that provides a direct route to the ground in the event of short-circuiting.
The connecting of an electrical unit to the vehicle frame to provide a complete path for electrical current.
When all young children who have misbehaved during the ritual are sent to their rooms for the weekend.
Dispersing excess energy generated during any magickal rite or working by sending it into the earth.
Clearing and releasing excess energy. To focus back into the physical after Magickal and Psychic workings.
A process by which you bring yourself to a normal, clear state of consciousness. Usually involves shedding all the extraneous thoughts and worries that get in the way of self.
the process by which learners augment and maintain a common ground of mutual understanding, beliefs, assumptions, pre-suppositions etc (Baker et al 1999).
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The ballast case and fixture must always be grounded. The grounding helps assure safety, proper lamp starting, and acceptable EMI/RFI performance.
Grounding is a common punishment for children or teenagers. In some cases it is suggested as an alternative to corporal punishment in the home. Typically a young person who is grounded is forbidden from leaving the home or their room, except for attending meals, school, and other necessary activities.
Person on the ground responsible for the area below riggers working at height. Attaches equipment to the Riggers dropped line. Submitted by Piers from London, UK.
Elementary instruction; instruction in the basic concepts of a topic or skill.
basic training or instruction in a subject
education or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge; "he lacks the foundation necessary for advanced study"; "a good grounding in mathematics"
A technique used to stay present and in control by the host. This can be done by using relaxation, focusing on a word, distracting oneself, etc.
Removing the container from the stack train and putting it on a chassis.
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a loss of off-campus activities due to poor behavior.
Keywords:  cotton, basis, cloth, wall, paper
The act or process of applying a ground, as of color, to wall paper, cotton cloth, etc.; a basis.
The act, method, or process of laying a groundwork or foundation.
Becoming oriented or re-oriented with ones physical surroundings.