Definitions for "GSO"
Geosynchronous Orbit. Satellites in geosynchronous orbits around the earth in an area approximately 22,300 miles from the surface at the same rate that the earth turns, which allows them to complete one revolution every 24 hours.
GeoStationary Orbit; a satellite in an equatorial orbit and at an altitude that matches the rotation of the Earth. To a fixed observer on the Earth, the satellite position appears stationary.
Geostationary Orbit The path described by a satellite that always remains fixed with respects to all points on a rotating orbited body, is circular, lies in a plane and has points that revolve about the orbited body in the same direction and with the same period as the orbited body rotation.
Maker of telescopes in Taiwan, many of which are re-branded as "Bintel", "Southern Cross", "SkyWatcher", etc, particularly the dobsonians.
abbreviation of gadolinium silicate, GaSiO5, scintillation material
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See global signon.
See global sign-on.
General Service Office
General Services Office
General Statistics Office
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Gross sector output
Graduate Student Organization.