Definitions for "GWP"
Global Warming Potential. A time dependent index used to compare the radiative forcing, on a mass basis, of an impulse of a specific greenhouse gas relative to that of CO2. Gases included in the Kyoto Protocol are weighted in the first commitment period according to their GWP over a 100-year time horizon as published in the 1995 Second Assessment Report of the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change]. In that report, a kilogram of methane, for example has a radiative force of about 21 times greater than that of a kilogram of CO2.The GWP of CO2 is defined as 1, thus methane has a GWP of 21 over the 100-year time horizon. (Source: International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA), Climate Change A Glossary of terms, 3rd Edition, January 2001. London, 2001).
Global Warming Potential. A relative measure of the warming effect that the emission of a gas might have on the surface troposphere. It is measured as a factor relative to CO2.
Global Warming Potential. Index describing the relative warming of a unit mass of a greenhouse gas in comparison to the same mass of carbon dioxide.
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Guinea-Bissau Peso
Gross World Product
Gross Written Premiums. Total premiums (whether or not earned) for insurance contracts written or assumed (including deposits for investment contracts with limited or no life contingencies written) during a specific period, without deduction for premiums ceded.
Gross Written Premium. Gross Written Premium is the most important Agent performance measurement for the Health Insurance Business. Gross Written Premium is the sum of First Year Premium (FYP) and Renewal Premium.
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General Welfare Pratisthan
GIFT WITH PURCHASE. Promotional technique frequently applied in department stores, e.g. free eyeshadow with a purchase of perfume or cosmetics.
Aggregate value of all final goods and services produced worldwide in a given year.