Definitions for "Handlers"
Processors or dealers of milk who commonly purchase raw milk and sell pasteurized milk and milk products.
"Handler" has a variety of uses and may refer to: A person (other than a cooperative association) who operates one or more pool plants or operates any other plant from which Class 1 milk is disposed of directly or indirectly during the month in the marketing area. A cooperative association that has authority from its individual producer members to market their milk and receive payment and which operates one or more pool plants. A cooperative association acting as a marketing agent for producer milk which it markets and receives payment therefor under authority of contracts or agreements with its individual members. A person who operates a milk plant located in the marketing area and receives market milk from one or more dairy ranches.
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One of the series of pits or vats in which heavy leathers are tanned with bark or vegetable extracts. They are usually worked with stronger liquors than the suspenders, but with weaker liquors than the layers.
The group of tools that Cisco Unity uses to manage calls. See also call handler, call routing table, directory handler, interview handler, and restriction table. I-J