Definitions for "Hayes "
Hayes is the playlist for Noatun that attempts to be efficient for those users with large directories full of music, especially directories futher organized by album. For these users, Hayes should be more efficient in speed and memory than the usual playlist. Plus, the playlist is updated in realtime as the directories change on-disk, so playlist maintenance is no longer an issue.
The manufacturer that first defined the Standard AT Command Set for modems. See also: Hayes TSY
The company (now defunct) that developed what is now the standard set of modem commands, the "AT command set". You often see that a modem is "Hayes compatible" meaning that they understand the AT command set.
A modem manufacturer whose commands have become the standard.
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acclaimed actress of stage and screen (born in 1900)
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a post-Baccalaureate
an accomplished actor, playwright, director and educator
a writer and educator based in New York City
19th President of the United States; his administration removed federal troops from the South and so ended the Reconstruction Period (1822-1893)