Definitions for "Heats"
Keywords:  swimmers, swum, swam, bobsled, slowest
A division of an event when there are too many swimmers to compete at the same time. The results are compiled by swimmers time swam, after all heats of the event are completed.
Each event is divided into heats. The number of heats depends upon the number of swimmers entered in that event and the number of lanes the pool is using. For example: in an event has 36 swimmers entered and the pool is using 6 lanes then there will be 6 heats. Heats are usually swum slowest to fastest meaning the slowest times will swim in the first heat and the fastest times will be swum in the last heat.
the division of a bobsled or skeleton race into sections. The combined time from a team's heats determine its ranking. A lower time equals a higher status
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