Definitions for "Hello"
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An exclamation used as a greeting, to call attention, as an exclamation of surprise, or to encourage one. This variant of Halloo and Holloo has become the dominant form. In the United States, it is the most common greeting used in answering a telephone.
an expression of greeting; "every morning they exchanged polite hellos"
goodbye, as used by angel Charlotte "Voice of an Angel" Church: "**** this. I didn't agree to no meet-and-greet. Hello?!"
Hello AG is a charter airline based in Basel, Switzerland. It operates flights to the Mediterranean and North Africa. Its main bases are Zurich International Airport and Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg.
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Interior routing protocol used principally by NSFnet nodes. HELLO allows particular packet switches to discover minimal delay routes. Not to be confused with the Hello protocol.
A command within the SMTP email protocol, used to announce the name of a remote machine. IP
The protocol used by a group of cooperative, trusting packet switches to allow them to discover minimal delay routes.
This mode activates YCAAT ("You Communicate At Any Time"), Chat Rooms and Blackspace Support. When two or more users turn on this switch, they can share the same Blackspace environment over the Internet or over other types of networks where they can choose from the three different types of NBOR communication systems just mentioned.
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Bonjour ! Taking a taxi
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Hello was a Bell Records label, teen appeal glam rock band based in England.
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(TM) French: ALLĂ”!(MC) A prepaid card with a pre-determined monetary value which allows customers to place long distance calls by dialing an 800 number.