Definitions for "Henceforth"
Keywords:  korzus, shaaman, fabio, altieri, elsas
Henceforth is a Brazilian progressive heavy metal band formed in 1993 and with their first album released in Brazil in December 2005 via Voice Music (label owned by Silvio Golfetti, guitar player on the Brazilian thrash metal band Korzus). The current line-up is made up by Frank Harris (voc), Hugo Mariutti (gtr), Luis Mariutti (bs), Fabio Elsas (dr) and Cristiano Altieri (kb). Luis and Hugo are members of another band called Shaaman, and Luis is a former member of power metal band Angra.
Keywords:  henceforward, forward, time
From this time forward; henceforward.
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from this time forth; from now on; "henceforth she will be known as Mrs. Smith"