Definitions for "Herman"
His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman (Swaiko) (b. Joseph Swaiko in Briarford, PA on February 1, 1932) is the current primate of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). As the head of the OCA, he is the Archbishop of Washington and New York, and Metropolitan of All America and Canada.
Herman is a German Giant Rabbit. The German Giant is a new breed of rabbit that was bred in order to produce a rabbit that could provide more meat. Herman weighs an astounding 7.7 kilograms or 22 pounds and is just under a meter long with ears alone measuring at 21 centimeters which is the total height of an average domestic rabbit.
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United States jazz musician and bandleader (1913-1987)
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Herman was a daily single panel comic strip written and drawn by Jim Unger. It was syndicated from 1975 continuously through 1992, when Unger retired.